Warranty Policy

iFix Smartphones is confident it provides the best service with quality parts. All iFix Smartphones repairs are backed by one year warranty. Warranty covers labour and parts used for the repair of your device. There are certain exclusions to the warranty.

  • Any physical damage to the device after we completed the repair.
  • Water/liquid damage to the phone, whether it happened before or after the repair. When the device with water/liquid damage is being repaired, warranty does not apply.
  • Faults not related to original repair (e.g. screen repair and rear camera fails in a while).
  • There has been a third party repair or inspection requiring opening the device after our repair.
  • Issues that has been existing prior to our repair.
  • Any features of the phone that we were unable to verify prior to repair as fully operational
    (for example, because phone was not charged or passcode not provided).
  • Not working touch ID or Face ID.
  • Loss of data (even though it is not very probable data is lost, we always advice data to be backed up before the repair).
  • Batteries are considered consumable product. Therefore they are excluded from one year warranty. Batteries have three months warranty.