Samsung Phone Repair in Perth

Samsung Phone Repair in Perth

Are you a busy parent? Then you definitely have faced a situation where your Samsung mobile phone needs repairing! With the global pandemic, children are attending school online. Kids are spending all their time inside their homes either online studying or watching cartoons on your Samsung phone. Sounds familiar right?

We all know how difficult and expensive it gets when dealing with smartphone repairs and we want to provide our valuable customers a cost-efficient alternative. We at “iFix smartphones” are also there to fix your phone as your smartphone is a necessity of life, and it keeps you connected with the world and, on a lighter note, also keeps your baby calm. Nowadays, kids love phones more than teddy bears and cars.

Get the best Samsung Phone Repair at your Doorstep

We will provide the best services according to the repairs needed for your phone. Samsung is considered a trustworthy brand as it can bear a little abuse. But if your Samsung phone does get damaged and needs repair you can fix an appointment with iFix Smartphone with just a few clicks and get your Samsung mobile repaired at your doorstep. It’s as easy as that.

If you live in Perth, then don’t think twice to contact us as we offer the best services in the town. iFix smartphones will bring your device back to life in minimum time. We acknowledge how important your Samsung cell phone or tablet is to you. We complete most repairs within an hour. We ensure that you get your device back quickly as good as new.

It is not easy to replace delicate parts like present in Samsung smartphones; sometimes, it takes hours and sometimes days. While using a Samsung smartphone, if it slips from your hand, then its screen and back glass can be damaged. We are always available to repair a front glass, back glass replacement, battery replacement, and charging pod replacement.

List of Samsung Phones We Repair

If you are worried about which model of Samsung phones we repair, then don’t worry. Here is the information on the models we repair at iFix Smartphones.


Galaxy Note 10+


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Galaxy Note 10


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Galaxy Note 9


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Galaxy Note 8


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Samsung S20 Ultra


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Samsung S20+


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Samsung S20


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Samsung S10 5g


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Samsung S10+


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Samsung S10


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Samsung S10e


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Samsung S9+


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Samsung S9


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Samsung S8+


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Samsung S8


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If you have any of these models and want the best services for Samsung phone repair, contact iFix Smartphones in Perth. We will fix your Samsung in minimum time, and it will be cost-effective. We never compromise on the quality of items/parts that are replaced.

We will discuss all the services of iFix Smartphones one by one.


Glass/Screen Repair

Samsung users know about the fragility of the phone. The glass from the front side is delicate, and it breaks due to:

  • Accidental fall
  • Scratches due to metal keys
  • If your child or pet loves to bite the phone

It seems odd if you have a phone with broken glass, and it is dangerous because it can damage your hands while using it. So Samsung users should try to fix this problem as soon as possible.

Why go for Glass Replacement?

Glass replacement is a budget-friendlier option than buying a new smartphone.

Battery Replacement

The battery is the powerhouse of any smartphone. Nowadays smartphone companies try to produce batteries that charge readily and run for many hours, almost 10 hours. Samsung users know the value of the original battery as it saves their day without any interruption. Samsung batteries are lithium-ion batteries that have a 2 to 3-year life span.

If your phone is 2 to 3 years old, you can quickly notice the battery’s drain. So don’t worry, call us at iFix Smartphones and book your appointment for battery replacement.



Back Glass Repair

Some people end up buying a new smartphone; if the back glass is damaged. We will recommend you to book your appointment at iFix Smartphones and get a repair as soon as possible. As we will do it at a very reasonable price and buying a new phone never justifies the repairing of broken back glass of your smartphone.

Charging Pod Replacement

When you are in a hurry, you try to charge your phone with any charger, and in this effort, you end up in the default charging pod. Another case can happen if your child or pet has a habit of blowing air or spit in the hole of a charging pod, then it will stop working. So if there is a need to replace the charging pod, then contact iFix Smartphones and bring the life of your Samsung phone back.


Why is there a need to keep our contact number safe if you are living in Perth?

  • The battery can be dead due to sudden dropout in water.
  • Exposure of the phone to extreme heat
  • Wrong charger

All these factors are responsible for making your Samsung battery unfit. We will not waste your time and have stock of spare parts and fix your phone as soon as possible. We know the value of smartphones these days, so we have an excellent timely supply of genuine Samsung spare parts.

We have all the replacement parts for all Samsung models, either a Galaxy, Note, or any S model. We will repair your Samsung in minimum time and cost, contact our nearest branch now if you live in Perth as we are providing one of the top mobile repairing services in Australia.