Samsung Back Glass Repair


If you keep your Samsung phone with your car keys or other sharp objects, there is a high probability your back glass will crack or shatter. And back glass repairs, be it Samsung or iPhone, cost a fortune if directed to manufacturer repair centres. Some users end up buying a new phone since there is not much difference in the prices. But rather than purchasing a new unit, we suggest you book a repair in Perth with us instead! We replace or repair any Samsung back glass at affordable rates.

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Looking for a repair service on your Samsung? Whether it’s an Galaxy Note 10+, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy Note 8, Samsung S20 Ultra, Samsung S20+, Samsung S20, Samsung S10 5g, Samsung S10+, Samsung S10, Samsung S10e, Samsung S9+, Samsung S9, Samsung S8+, Samsung S8 or any other model.


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‘Home is where the heart is, but today the PHONE is where the Heart is!!!’ Rachitha Cabral

Mobile phones are, no doubt, the essential items of our pocket or purse nowadays. It is valuable not only in the sense of its utility but also in its pricing. Our lives have become so dependent on this small device that our daily activities stop if it goes missing or not working correctly. Whether making essential phone calls, organizing a meeting, or using social media, mobile phones play a leading role. Have you ever dealt with a malfunctioning phone? If you do, then you know very well how irritating such a circumstance can be. You want to throw your phone against the wall. But wait? throwing your phone can make the situation even worse. Isn’t it? You might end up breaking your phone’s screen or back glass. And if you already have a broken back glass, then don’t worry because the solution is also present in the form of Samsung back glass repair for Perth residents.

Luxurious and Fragile Samsung Phones

Mobile phone lovers know very well that social status is attached to Samsung mobiles. Although many new brands have come to the market, Samsung has its place in the world of mobile phones. Some people are addicted to this brand and are not willing to try any other brand. Exciting news from business shows how fragile Samsung phones are. At the cost of $1400, the Galaxy S20 ultra could not survive a single knee-high fall and cracked its back. Apart from some cracks, all other things were working well. Now, it is not easy to spend $1400 again. The repair will be a much better option. If you are a resident of Perth and nearby areas, there is good news for you as an excellent smartphone repair service iFix smartphones repair service for Samsung back glass repair and other repairing services.

Why Back Glass Gets Damaged?

We all have a habit of putting our phones along with our car keys or coins and other accessories and putting them all together in one pocket results in some scratches on the back glass. Other reasons for the back glass damage can be a sudden fall. Whatever the reason might be, the damaged and scratched back glass looks ugly. Now mobile phones represent our personality, and if we want to look clean and tidy, our mobile phone should be tidy.

Samsung Back Glass Repair or a New Phone! What to Choose?

If you have ever dealt with broken phones and broken back glass, you know how costly the repairing services are nowadays. There are the following reasons why people buy new phones instead of repairing the old one.

  • Repairing services charge so much money that most people prefer buying a new phone at this cost.
  • These services are not trustworthy and can do other harm to the phone than doing any good.
  • Some services are so time-consuming that people can’t wait much and are unwilling to hand over their phone to a technician for that long.

Why Repair an Old Phone than Buying a New One?

As there are reasons for buying a new phone, various reasons are there to get your old phone repaired than buying a new one.

  • Mobile phones are so fragile that they get broken easily even after careful handling. We cannot buy a new phone every time the old one breaks. On the other hand, repairing services sometimes charge high fees.
  • You might have an attachment to your phone so much that you do not want to leave it.
  • People of old age also tend to keep the same phone over the years.
  • Another reason can be that the repairing services are cheap and effective and you can afford it.
  • If mobile phones are under the use of children, then you might want to repair that phone instead of buying a new one because children can break the phone again.

Best Samsung Back Glass Repair Service in Perth

If you belong to the second category from the two categories mentioned earlier, i.e., you prefer mobile repairing over mobile replacement, then the best option is iFix smartphones repairs. If you have a broken back glass of your Samsung, the most reliable service for Samsung back glass repair in Perth is iFix smartphone repairs. The people who do not want to leave their old phones have good news that the service will provide you back glass repair at a very affordable price. So the people who are about to buy a new phone because of high repair costs should reconsider their decision now.

Why Choose iFix Smartphone Repairs?

Finding a reliable and cost-effective mobile repair is a challenging process. There are so many repairing centers that may offer Samsung back glass repair service. iFix stands out of everyone else due to so many reasons. Let’s have a brief review as to why you should go for it:

  1. Cost-effectiveness

iFix smartphones back glass repair services provide high-quality services in Perth and at a very affordable price.

  1. One-year warranty

They offer a warranty for one year after repair. So you don’t have to worry about ineffective repairs that go wrong after some time. You can always get back to them if you find out that the repair is not done correctly. You can enjoy this facility for up to one year.

  1. Direct interaction with the customers without any workshop

iFix smartphone repairs do not own any regular workshop and save the cost to provide better services to its customers. All you need is to call them, and they’ll be at your home, office, or anywhere. It will save you time to travel to the shop.

  1. Skillful technicians

Experienced and trained technicians will repair your phone; they also possess excellent customer service skills.

  1. High-quality parts

They use quality parts with similar specifications as original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) parts.

  1. Other services

Services provided by iFix smartphones in Perth and other areas also include

  • Repairing the screen
  • Replacements of battery
  • Screen replacements
  • Repairing of charger port

Now, the wait is over. Just make a phone call or make an appointment online to get your Samsung Back Glass repaired.

1 Year Warranty
All iFix Smartphones Repairs Are Backed by One Year Warranty.

To lodge a warranty claim please email including your name, phone
model and issue with the phone.