iPhone Screen Repair


You can get your broken, cracked or unresponsive iPhone screen repaired within hours. Just let us know your preferred location in Perth and one of our technicians or staff will meet you there. Simply put, iPhone repair that comes to you in Google! We use premium parts and equipment to restore your iPhone screen back to its original condition. Same-day service is viable for light to moderate repairs. Also covered in this service are touch screen malfunctions.


The touch-response function and the display of your iPhone entirely depend on your iPhone screen resolution and sensitivity. iPhones are very fragile smartphones whose screens can easily be damaged or crack in several ways. Although iPhones are usually sold to customers under a one year warranty from the date of the first purchase, a damaged or cracked screen as a result of accident or carelessness is not covered. iPhone screen repair services are therefore required to fix your iPhone while in Perth. You may contact iPhone expert technicians in Perth in case you suspect to have a cracked or damaged iPhone screen.

Qualified iPhone screen repair technicians will run a quick diagnosis on your iPhone to determine the extent of the damage or crack on your iPhones screen. The diagnosis done by the technicians in Perth is usually free.  The cost of screen repair will depend on the extent of the damage and a quote will be issued. Cracked or damaged screen can be assessed by looking for:

  • A completely dark screen.
  • Black spots, discolored areas, or blurred sections on the screen.
  • Lines or patterns that appear continuously on the screen.
  • Lack of touch-response.

Qualified technicians in Perth will ensure that your iPhone screen is repaired and restored. After fixing your iPhone screen, a warranty will then be issued for a limited time excluding accidental damage to the screen. This is done so that in case your iPhone develops screen issues after the repair you may take it back for repair at no cost. At times your iPhone may be picked from your location whether at home or at work by technicians in Perth, have it fixed, and then delivered back to you.

Highly trained professionals in Perth are always familiar with the display specifications of iPhone screens. At times flickering screen in iPhones may not imply that the screen is damaged or cracked but it may indicate that the iPhone