6 hack to protect your mobile glass and screen from breaking


Keeping your Phone protected is very important; it is something that you carry with you all the time, and it is like a safe that stores all your personal belongings. In 2021, we use our smartphones to call our friends and family, use it as a research tool, buy time, find answers, and more. The amount of things we can do on our smartphones is limited only to our thinking abilities. The functions that our Phone has varies depending on the type of smartphone we have. If you have an iPhone, you love it for its camera, if you have a Samsung phone, you love it for its fantastic screen and advanced features, and if you have OnePlus, you love it because it is the Phone with the best value for money.

Who doesn’t want to learn ways to protect their Phone screen after spending a lot of money on their device?

The Phone screen can be vulnerable to cracking and completely ruining your Phone, costing you even more money, which is why they say: prevention is essential.

To avoid damage, you must take care of the screen with different tricks. Even if your Phone slips, the screen does not crack.

We have provided some vital tips and tricks to help you protect your Phone from dents, scratches, cracks, screens, and damage.

Here are 6 practical tips and tricks that will help you protect your Phone from scratches, shattered screen, and dents.


1) Buy a glass protector.

If you have a flagship device, it goes without saying that it must have a glass protector or screen protector. Having a glass protector on your mobile Phone can help you prevent the screen from breaking, shattering, scratching and denting. A little pressure can damage your screen, and if you have a $ 1000 phone, you’d better buy one.

Screen savers have been in business for quite some time. In the past, the screen was primarily used for keeping bright and free from scratch.

However, over time, glass and magnet protectors have been invented thicker and provide better protection to the iPhone screen. If you want to make sure your phone screen stays intact for a long time, try magnetic phone screen protectors.

2) Buy a shockproof protective case.

Your Phone may have a case, but is it shockproof? Please don’t go in style when it comes to buying a subject for your expensive Phone. Instead, you should buy a strong, durable, sturdy case and offer shockproof protection.

You can buy some branded ones with the best reviews and excellent quality. Don’t worry about its price, if you have an expensive phone, buying a case that is a bit expensive won’t hurt you as much. Now, you might be thinking that Phone cases can’t play such a significant role in preventing cracked screens. But it does! There are many types of phone cases on the market. But you have to keep an eye out for covers that will also cover the margins of your front screen.

It will also prevent the screen from cracking when dropped. And more importantly, if you are not ready to change the Phone screen, don’t risk your Phone going empty. Please use a phone case, especially for daily routine.


3) Use a microfiber cloth for your screen.

Instead of using a cloth that you have at home, buy a microfiber cloth that is made especially for displays. A microfiber cloth will keep your screen protected from scratches when cleaning. Usually, when you buy a glass screen protector for your screen, it comes with a complimentary high-quality microfiber cloth.

4) If you don’t like cases, look for the skin.

If you hate heavy screen cases, you can always go for a mask. The quality skins are capable of protecting the back and sides of your smartphone. One nice thing about them is that you can print any design like skin, and you can put it on the back of your Phone.

But before you buy fur, make sure the company that makes it is a well-known fur company.



5) Buy a waterproof case if you love to swim.

If you love swimming and don’t want your Phone to be damaged by water, you should buy a waterproof case. Your Phone has an IP rating, but they are only designed to work for a specific period and a particular amount of depth in water. To enhance your Phone’s security measures, get a waterproof case.

The only drawback to this case is that your Phone’s touchscreen may not work correctly once underwater. The lower it is, the more pressure is generated, and your Phone’s touchscreen won’t work as it does on water.

6) Phone Pop plugs

One invention that has become quite common is the pop plug that attaches to the Phone’s back to give your Phone a better grip. It will prevent your Phone from falling or slipping out of your hands when you are using it.

However, it would be best if you made sure that the plug is tight and adheres well to the Phone. You will notice that your Phone is less prone to accidentally falling out of your hands. Many consumers have seen a significant change when using electrical outlets.


Some essential tips

This is one of those things that is not taken into account, but you have to be careful not to leave things on the Phone. The weight of another item may affect the display. Even if it doesn’t crack, it could weaken the surface, making it vulnerable to cracking.

Similarly, when you put your iPhone in your bag, it is prone to the screen breaking from rubbing against other elements. A great way to avoid this is to keep your iPhone in a separate pocket, so it doesn’t get stained with the rest of your things.

Another simple trick is to be aware of your iPhone and where you put it. If you are sensitive to broken screens, there is no other way to avoid it than to be responsible. No matter what device it is, you need to make sure not to throw it away so that the screen is not ruined.

These tips will help you prevent the screen from breaking. And if you are facing the trouble of a split-screen, you can always contact us for glass and screen repair services.

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