iPhone Repair At Doorstep


Getting your iPhone repaired may seem like a daunting task initially, but iFixsmartphones are the best in iPhone Repairs. We add a lot of time and efforts into making our repair process as fast and easy as possible, so there’s nothing to worry about. Our professionally trained technicians treat your iPhone as their own, and their attention to detail – combined with the use of 100% Authentic APPLE PARTS – lets our repairs stand out from the rest. We’re going to make sure your iPhone looks as good as new!

As you’ll see, it’s brilliantly easy to find and select the repair as per your need, or to ask for our help if you’re not sure. One of our smart team members will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible, meaning you can get your iPhone repaired and fixed in no time.

When your iPhone arrives at our Service Centre, it’s carefully unpackaged and inspected by a dedicated technician. We start the repair work immediately to be sent back to you in the minimum possible time!

iFixsmartphones specialize in iPhone, iPod, and iPad repairs. If you’re as addicted to your iPhone, iPod, iPad as we are, we understand that you want it fixed immediately.

Save Time: iFixsmartphones delivers facilities at your doorstep (Home or Business). We will come to see you for some of our repairs. Or if we can arrange for you to pick up and drop off at your house. Much of the repairs only take a few hours. Therefore, you don’t need to give your iPhone off and be without a cell for days.

3 Reason To Get Your iPhone Repair At The Doorstep By Us:

  • Same or Next Day Service Delivery

Most of the repairs will be completed on the same day that you call or on the next day.

  • 1 Year Warranty

All Work is covered by a warranty of 1 year after the repair date. If any component that was repaired fails to be used regularly, we will replace it without any charges.

  • Safety

Your iPhone undoubtedly holds many personal details you don’t want in possession of a stranger. That’s why iFixsmartphones are better because you’re more than welcome to see the whole repair process from start to finish. Faster: you’ll only be without your iPhone for 20 to 30 minutes while it’s being fixed. Any of those on-line mail repair sites could make you wait almost a week to see your iPhones back. Well, that’s not the case with us!

Make sure to check the description for your particular iPhone model – as it sometimes differs slightly between models. The relevant description will fade to appear when you select your model. If you’re not sure which model of iPhone you have – you can find out on our website and check for the exact prices.

All iFix Smartphones Repairs Are Backed by One Year Warranty.

To lodge a warranty claim please email including your name, phone
model and issue with the phone.


Contact us on our website, or book an appointment. Post this you will get a call from our team members, and they will guide you through the process. We will give you the doorstep service to get your phone to our service center, and we will immediately start the repair of your iPhone and fix it in no time.


Your iPhone arrives with us and is inspected.

We check that the iPhone is indeed repairable based on the repair option you have selected. The fully trained technician un-packages your iPhone in preparation for the repair, taking the utmost care in handling your beloved possession.

Your iPhone is repaired.

Using the most professional repair methods in the industry, the necessary parts on your iPhone are replaced. The device is then tested (subject to accessibility) to ensure it is back to full working condition, before being re-packaged ready for sending back to you.



Your iPhone is sent back to you.

We have tested many different types of packaging and found the best kind for sending iPhones. It includes a thick cardboard box, bubble wrap and a padded envelope. We always use Special Delivery to return your device. No expense is spared on making sure your iPhone is fully protected on its way back to you!


iPad Fixing Services by iFixsmartphones in Perth


iPad Fixing Service

In the morning, while you are trying to rush to work, you suddenly realize that your presentation is on your iPad. You open it, and it’s not working, or your kids dropped it on the floor, and its screen went blank. You have no idea what’s wrong with your iPad. The worst part is that its warranty has already ended, or you don’t have time to rush to the repair shop to get it fixed.

Many times you have to get your iPad repaired. For example: Get the cracked screen fixed. There is no need to panic when you can have the iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones in Perth at your doorstep. We ensure the best services for your iPad.

iPad Screen Replacement Screen + LCD Replacement
iPad Pro 12.9′ (2017) $749 $749
iPad Pro 12.9′ (2015) $449 $449
iPad Pro 11′ (2018) $549 $549
iPad Pro 10.5′ $319 $319
iPad Pro 9.7′ $269 $269
iPad 7 $129 na
iPad 6 $129 $229
iPad 5 $129 $229
iPad 4 $119 $199
iPad Air 3 $349 $349
iPad Air 2 $299 $299
iPad Air $129 $229
iPad Mini 5 $229 $229
iPad Mini 4 $249 $249
iPad Mini 3 $129 $229
iPad Mini 2 $129 $229
iPad Mini $129 $229


How Does It Work?

If you are anywhere in Perth, we are there to help you. If your iPad is not working, and you need an urgent service of your iPad, contact iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones. Tell us your query, and the required service will get provided to you at your doorstep. No hassle at all.


Our Specifications and Services

There are several services we provide. We are dedicated to helping you fix your broken iPad. Our services can be generalized as follows:

  • iPad screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera repair service
  • Microphone/speaker repair
  • Power button repair
  • Charging port repair


How to Contact Us?

  • Pick a time and place.
  • Contact us and tell us the problem
  • Wait for the confirmation of your booking.
  • We provide doorstep service to fix your iPad



We provide a 1-year warranty.

Getting your iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones is impressive. We have extensive iPad repair experience and excellent customer service skills. Just contact us, make a booking, and your service will get done at your doorstep. We assure you of the best service and genuine parts for your iPad.

1 Year Warranty
All iFix Smartphones Repairs Are Backed by One Year Warranty.

To lodge a warranty claim please email including your name, phone
model and issue with the phone.


Glass and screen repair in Perth

Glass And Screen Repair In Perth


Most of the electronic devices that we use as of now come along with glasses and screens. When we get cracks or damages, we will wonder whether to replace the glass, screen, or both. If you are currently dealing with this confusion, this article is for you. We will share all the important things that you will need to be aware about before you go ahead with glass and screen repair in Perth. Based on that, you can get the repair job done while ensuring the best possible returns at the end of the day. You will be able to receive outstanding returns out of it as well.

What is glass and LCD replacement?

Glass is the top most layer that you can see on the screen. It is the surface that you touch. When you see a crack, it is mostly on the glass of the laptop. However, when you hit on something really hard, the laptop will end up with getting damages in the screen as well. Screen is the most expensive part. That’s because it is responsible for the production of images. You will need to keep these in your mind and then go ahead with finding the best glass and screen repair services. The experts that specialize in screen repairs will be able to deliver both these services to you. You just need to take a look at the available services and get them accordingly.


How much does it cost to fix a screen?


There is no straightforward answer to this question. That’s because the cost associated with fixing a screen would vary on a variety of factors. The most prominent factor out of them would be the type of device that you have. In fact, the type of display you have would vary depending on the type of device you have.

Can you fix an LCD screen without replacing it?

In most of the instances, damages that you get in the LCD screens cannot be fixed. You will have to think about replacing the screen. That’s because of the delicate nature of the LCD screens. You will never be able to fix a damaged LCD screen and you should always think about getting that replaced. An expert service provider who offers support with LCD screen replacement will be able to help you with getting the job done.


How do I know if my screen is broken or glass?


You can easily check and confirm whether you have damaged only the glass or you have damaged the screen as well. All you have to do is to check whether the screen is working. When the screen is fully working as it is supposed to work, you need to understand that the problem is with the glass. Therefore, you will be able to replace glass and fix the problem. This will be a cost-effective fix as well. That’s because you will not have to spend a lot of money on replacing the glass when compared to the screen.