12 Reasons Your iPhone Battery Dies So Fast


“Why does my mobile phone drain so quickly?” As an iphone battery replacement in Perth service provider, we hear this question many times. While there may be several reasons for this problem, the main ones are related to “phone charging and carrying habits” than anything else. Yes, you read it right. If your phone’s battery doesn’t last long, the main thing to consider is how you use your device, how you charge it, and what / how many apps it has.

Some of these reasons may seem too important, but most of the time, they are to blame, especially when your device is not too old.

We will look at 12 of those reasons about what drains your Android battery and how you can solve them.

1. Check which apps drain your Android battery

First, let’s find out how exactly the battery power is being consumed. Fortunately, Android phones have this “Battery Usage” option to show you the details of the battery consumption since the last charge.

Clicks on Settings
Find and tap “About device.”
Choose the “Battery” or “Battery Use” option

There you will know how the battery is being consumed, from applications/systems to hardware devices.

You can choose to uninstall apps that you don’t use but are still consuming battery. If you find that the tools consume a lot of power, you can at least disable the notifications and pop-ups of these applications.

2. Restart the device and reload

We generally underestimate the power of “rebooting.” But, at least we know that it can be an effective solution to various software and application related problems.

Restarting clears open apps, updates the phone system, and ends memory leaks. All of this eventually helps increase battery life on Android. So don’t forget to try this trick. Restart your device and then fully recharge it. You are likely to get positive results.

3. Reduce the use of multiple applications

They remain an essential component of “using the phone,” ranging from telephone banking to online shopping, video chats, and social browsing. But too many can lead to the problem of quick-drying of an Android battery. Data and power are used to update apps. Moreover, they send notifications and add them all day, making your telephone vibrate and splash constantly. As a result, the phone drains faster than usual. This leads to battery drainage. Therefore, a viable option is to deinstall the apps you do not use often. In addition, make sure that apps that you can’t give up disable notifications and add-ons.

4. Adjust display settings

If you want to fix your phone battery draining so fast, here are some display settings that we suggest you choose.

Maintain low screen luminosity. Do not automatically turn on luminosity. Keep it lower manually, instead, if you don’t need it up.

In some applications and even on the system level, modern phones with displays allow a dark mode. This should be tried to save some energy.

5. Reduce sleep waiting time.

This will ensure that your screen does not stay active / on unnecessarily. The shortest duration you can go for is 15 seconds, which seems fine.

6. Apps running in the background

Some apps, even after closing, update in the background and cause the phone’s battery to drain quickly. It wouldn’t hurt to call them silent battery killers. So one of the main things to do when you notice your Android battery draining quickly is to close these background apps.

To do that, you must first enable the Developer option. Next, go to Settings> About phone> Build number. Touch “Build Number” seven times.

Now click on the back button and look for the developer option. Then, press “Running services.”

Here you will have all the applications running in the background. You must close (force) them to avoid unnecessary power consumption.

7. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You must have noticed that activating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS (Google Map) could make your phone’s battery drain so fast. So you’d prefer these features unless they are essential if you want your battery to run longer.

Check also whether localization services are used unnecessarily by any applications. This can be verified by Settings>Apps and Notifications>App permissions>Placements. Checking and deactivating access to all applications without location service.

8. Enable a power-saving mode

A power-saving mode disables all non-essential services and functions on your device, relieving a great deal of battery power. The display may not look as bright as before, but it helps to charge the battery longer. Go to Settings>Battery>Accumulator to allow this mode.

9. Use the loader original

Although Android phones feature a universal charging interface, charging an original charger for your phone is advisable. As a fake charger not only hampers battery performance but also reduces the ability to retain a charge (when used for long periods). The ideal charger is one with battery power in conjunction with the output voltage and amps. Therefore, use your phone’s charger always. Buy it from the authorised service centre of the brand if it is damaged.

10. Update applications and software system

Keeping your applications and software system updated to the latest version helps smooth out your phone’s performance. Select Settings> Phone> System Update for updating the system. Download and install an update if available.

11. Replace a battery

All batteries have an expiration date. If the “phone battery drains so fast” problem develops after 2-3 years of purchasing the phone, it may be time to replace the battery. If you are charging your phone, check the status of the battery.

On the phone> Battery Status, click Settings. If the status shows “poor” or any other message than “charge”, then you must take your device and get an original brand name battery at a licenced service station.

12. See these mischarging practices

The way your device is charged is essential to ensure good battery performance and longevity. Here are some bad charging practices to prevent these battery problems from being overcome.

Avoid charging the battery to 100% or draining it completely to 0%. According to battery experts, this adds to the ageing process of a lithium-ion smartphone battery.

Please do not use your phone when connected and charged (see the video or play games). You can overheat your telephone.

Just use an original charger, as mentioned above.

Don’t put your phone into a warm or sunny atmosphere.

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14 Mistakes That Shorten the Life of Your Mobile Phone


Do you charge your phone when it is completely discharged? Let me tell you; this is a mistake. Modern lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries have no “memory effect,” so you can recharge them without waiting. This is because many manufacturers measure the life of a storm by the number of discharge cycles, and it is generally around 400 to 600 processes. Therefore, if you recharge it more frequently and without discharging, the useful life will increase from 1000 to 1100 cycles. Put it to load when the id is between 25% and 50%.

Here are the top 14 mistakes to give up if you don’t want to shorten the life of your phone.

1. Use vibrations for notifications

Your phone is just like any other tool or device. It ages and loses efficiency the more you use it. Little supplements are habits that make your handset hard to work, like vibrating notifications. The problem with these habits is that your phone constantly runs when not needed.

2. Keep the apps you don’t use open

Unused apps can drain the battery life of both iPhone and Android, according to experts. If you open an app once and don’t use it again, the app may still be running in the background.

Swiping the apps that you are not using or no longer need is an easy solution; doing so prolongs your phone’s battery life while freeing up valuable storage space.

3. You allow unnecessary permissions

Ride-sharing applications need to purchase you from your location, but other applications may not require this permission. You choose the applications you allow and delete the applications that you believe are unnecessary.

4. You have one of these applications

Snapchat, Google Maps, Netflix, Amazon and Facebook, according to AdWeek, are the apps most draining your battery. However, the Guardian found that the deactivation of Android phones’ Facebook mobile app saves people up to 20% of battery life. They also reports that if you say the FB Messenger app, the load times of other applications could speed up by 15%.

The reason Facebook kills battery life is that it keeps running in the background, even when you’re not using it, reports Business Insider.

5. Your screen is always extremely bright

The days of small telephone screens have gone but before you show the emoji thumbs, understand how more giant screens can be the worst enemy of a phone battery. Make sure to enable adaptive brightness in the on-screen menu. This change means that your phone will automatically adjust the screen brightness to suit your environment.

As a bonus, set the brightness level as low as possible and reduce the screen timeout, determining how long it stays on before fading when idle.

6. Is it true that I will overcharge the battery if I leave my cell phone charging?

The answer is no. Modern phones have a built-in controller, which prevents the battery from drawing more current than necessary, so there is no risk of overcharging the battery and destroying it. But be careful: you should not use it while you charge the battery, but as we said in the previous step, the battery should always trust it. So you should not use it when charging it.

7. Buy chargers and batteries that are not original

This is another mistake since they may not have a controller that helps regulate the energy or defective quality materials. As a result, they can relatively not only be harmful to your cell phone, but they can give you electric shocks or cause fires.

8. Buy Chargers That Are “Super Fast.”

Sometimes you need to charge your phone quickly, but buying chargers that claim to power your phone in 1 hour or less can be just as dangerous as in the previous post. At the very least, check that the manufacturer of your mobile device approves its use.

9. Do not remove the protective cover while charging

If your phone has a bulky protective case, it could cause the cell phone to overheat while charging. Therefore, we recommend that you remove it when you put it to set.

10. Do not discharge the battery from time to time

Yes, I know it will sound confusing with positions 15 and 14. Still, experts recommend that you discharge your battery to 0% and then recharge it to 100% at least every 3 months, and between those 3 months, continue with positions 15 and 14 that we mentioned earlier. This is to eliminate the extremes of charging and discharging the battery.

11. Don’t avoid high temperatures

High temperatures are the worst thing that can happen to a lithium-ion battery; they do not support overheating, so you should not expose them to direct sunlight or near heat sources.

12. Don’t avoid low temperatures

You may be wondering, “Okay, what do you mean by neither high nor low temperatures?” Lithium-ion batteries are not affected by low temperatures as much as high ones. Still, if you expose them to low temperatures, they will not live as long as a moderate or “medium” temperature. Therefore, if you expose yourself to low temperatures, carry your cell phone in your pocket or warm places.

13. Set colourful wallpapers

Better try to put wallpapers in black, white or black and white, since this way the battery will work less and, as shown in the image, these types of images will help your battery last longer.

14. Charge the cell phone in rain or storm

There are indeed electricity filters that help regulate the energy that enters our devices but believes me; the lightning has enough power to go through and sting your devices, so avoid connecting them to the electrical current when it rains.

We hope this post has served you. We invite you to learn more about Android or iOS devices; in our blog, you will find thousands of quality articles. Until another post! If you still need help and looking for mobile phone repairs perth, then look no further we are at your service!

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6 common mistakes that ruins your Samsung battery life


It doesn’t matter how robust your phone’s battery is, but if you’re stuck on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or your job requires you to be on the phone all day, the battery is sure to drain quickly.

In addition to Apple, smartphone maker Samsung is also slowly moving towards non-removable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries with limited capacity. Mobile phone batteries (Li-ion) have approximately 1000 life charge cycles, after which the battery begins to drain rapidly.

However, your battery can last 3-5 years if used with proper care.

Here are 6 big mistakes to avoid when charging your phone …


1. Never charge the phone overnight

Most of us finally do that. Before going to bed, we plug our device into the bed, leave it connected overnight and charge the device at the time for hours. The battery life is shortened by overcharging the device.

Connecting the phone for 2-3 hours is sufficient, as the lithium-ion batteries charge quickly. They can reach 100% charge in more than 2 hours.

Overcharging the phone can also be dangerous because the temperature rises when the battery is overcharged. Like any other device, cell phone batteries also get hot when overcharged, and this can cause an explosion. Never leave your phone charging overnight. It may explode when the battery is overcharged. It also affects the performance of the phone.

Lithium-ion batteries contain many lithium-ion cells, and the temperature of these cells is specific. The cells start releasing a tonne of heat when they reach a critical temperature due to external warmth or overload.

The battery could quickly fire or cause a small explosion, depending on the speed of this process. Smartphones are also believed to be called smartphones for a reason. When a lithium-ion battery reaches 100% capacity, charging stops on its own.

That usually happens in an hour or two. However, this leaves the phone overheating, and when the phone shows an overheating alert, it is better to change the battery and stop charging the device for more hours.

2. Avoid frequent charging

Your smartphone battery may barely last a day, but that doesn’t mean you keep charging it every few minutes when you see the battery drop 10%. Charging your phone frequently can damage the battery life.

Furthermore, it is terrible to charge the equipment from nil to full and dry the battery regularly. Remember, the more the device you plug in, the heater the device, so try not to plug it all the time.

It is better to maintain batteries charged by up to 80%, but never charge batteries from nil to complete and drain them fully regularly or affect battery life on a long-term basis.

Li-ion doesn’t have to be charged ultimately since a high voltage battery overloads and uses it over time.



3. Do not use different chargers.

Never buy second-hand chargers or use another device’s charger to charge your device.

You may not know, but you were damaging your phone’s battery by doing so. Always carry the charger in your bag, and if you lost the original charger or forgot to carry it, avoid charging your phone with someone else’s charger as much as possible.

If you must buy one, be sure to buy only an original charger from an authorised store. Some people may find it helpful that most smartphones use a micro USB for their chargers.

However, all chargers and phones are not necessarily compatible with this procedure. Some of your phone chargers are designed to decrease their power when your device gets 100% charging, while others don’t.

Given the similar micro USB connectors in most smartphones these days, people think charging the device with any loader fits appropriately is all right. Not only your smartphone but also the battery can suffer severe damage.

Use the same charger that came with your device in the box. They were designed and tested together, so ideally, they work together optimally.

4. Never unplug the phone unless it is charged to 80%

For years, it has been believed that letting the phone charge 100% can cause the battery to degrade faster compared to unplugging it once.



5. Using a battery-backed phone case

A phone case with a built-in battery backup might seem helpful. But as we mentioned, heat is bad for a battery, and a phone case that doubles as a charger will give off heat and cause the battery to heat up while charging. On top of that, as we just noted, the case will trap heat. If you need a portable stand, go for one that connects to your phone via a cable.

6. Do not use the phone with wet hands

Often people start using the phone with wet hands, which is not correct; if its drops get into your phone, you may have to suffer a good loss. Or the water can enter the battery and damage it.


And here are some tips that can help you to avoid these mistakes.

1. Use battery saver mode

Nowadays, all smartphones have the option of battery saving mode. This saves your phone battery. In this case, keep battery saving mode on your phone while charging. Your battery will charge in less time.

2. Charging in airplane mode

Activate airplane mode on your smartphone while charging the phone. This will disable features like phone calls, Internet, GPS, and the phone will charge faster.

3. Do not fully charge the phone.

It is often observed that people charge the phone up to its maximum limit of 100%. Let me tell you that doing this drains your battery quickly, as has been reported. Charge the phone up to 80% or a maximum of 85%.

4. Don’t use third-party apps.

Avoid using third-party apps if you want to keep your phone’s battery intact. These applications also run in the background, which consumes more battery.

5. Use the lite version of the app.

There are many applications available at the moment, but many applications have released their lite versions. Like Facebook has launched its Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite versions. The Lite version saves both your data and your battery.

6. Don’t use the phone while charging from the power bank.

People often use the power bank to charge the phone while travelling and continue to use it during that time. Let me tell you that the performance of this smartphone simultaneously damages the battery screen. If you do, change your habit right away.

I hope this detailed guide helps you avoid the fundamental battery issues, and the tips help to maximise the battery life. And if you are looking for Samsung phone repair in Perth then we are here at your rescue to provide you the top quality service at best rates.

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6 hack to protect your mobile glass and screen from breaking


Keeping your Phone protected is very important; it is something that you carry with you all the time, and it is like a safe that stores all your personal belongings. In 2021, we use our smartphones to call our friends and family, use it as a research tool, buy time, find answers, and more. The amount of things we can do on our smartphones is limited only to our thinking abilities. The functions that our Phone has varies depending on the type of smartphone we have. If you have an iPhone, you love it for its camera, if you have a Samsung phone, you love it for its fantastic screen and advanced features, and if you have OnePlus, you love it because it is the Phone with the best value for money.

Who doesn’t want to learn ways to protect their Phone screen after spending a lot of money on their device?

The Phone screen can be vulnerable to cracking and completely ruining your Phone, costing you even more money, which is why they say: prevention is essential.

To avoid damage, you must take care of the screen with different tricks. Even if your Phone slips, the screen does not crack.

We have provided some vital tips and tricks to help you protect your Phone from dents, scratches, cracks, screens, and damage.

Here are 6 practical tips and tricks that will help you protect your Phone from scratches, shattered screen, and dents.


1) Buy a glass protector.

If you have a flagship device, it goes without saying that it must have a glass protector or screen protector. Having a glass protector on your mobile Phone can help you prevent the screen from breaking, shattering, scratching and denting. A little pressure can damage your screen, and if you have a $ 1000 phone, you’d better buy one.

Screen savers have been in business for quite some time. In the past, the screen was primarily used for keeping bright and free from scratch.

However, over time, glass and magnet protectors have been invented thicker and provide better protection to the iPhone screen. If you want to make sure your phone screen stays intact for a long time, try magnetic phone screen protectors.

2) Buy a shockproof protective case.

Your Phone may have a case, but is it shockproof? Please don’t go in style when it comes to buying a subject for your expensive Phone. Instead, you should buy a strong, durable, sturdy case and offer shockproof protection.

You can buy some branded ones with the best reviews and excellent quality. Don’t worry about its price, if you have an expensive phone, buying a case that is a bit expensive won’t hurt you as much. Now, you might be thinking that Phone cases can’t play such a significant role in preventing cracked screens. But it does! There are many types of phone cases on the market. But you have to keep an eye out for covers that will also cover the margins of your front screen.

It will also prevent the screen from cracking when dropped. And more importantly, if you are not ready to change the Phone screen, don’t risk your Phone going empty. Please use a phone case, especially for daily routine.


3) Use a microfiber cloth for your screen.

Instead of using a cloth that you have at home, buy a microfiber cloth that is made especially for displays. A microfiber cloth will keep your screen protected from scratches when cleaning. Usually, when you buy a glass screen protector for your screen, it comes with a complimentary high-quality microfiber cloth.

4) If you don’t like cases, look for the skin.

If you hate heavy screen cases, you can always go for a mask. The quality skins are capable of protecting the back and sides of your smartphone. One nice thing about them is that you can print any design like skin, and you can put it on the back of your Phone.

But before you buy fur, make sure the company that makes it is a well-known fur company.



5) Buy a waterproof case if you love to swim.

If you love swimming and don’t want your Phone to be damaged by water, you should buy a waterproof case. Your Phone has an IP rating, but they are only designed to work for a specific period and a particular amount of depth in water. To enhance your Phone’s security measures, get a waterproof case.

The only drawback to this case is that your Phone’s touchscreen may not work correctly once underwater. The lower it is, the more pressure is generated, and your Phone’s touchscreen won’t work as it does on water.

6) Phone Pop plugs

One invention that has become quite common is the pop plug that attaches to the Phone’s back to give your Phone a better grip. It will prevent your Phone from falling or slipping out of your hands when you are using it.

However, it would be best if you made sure that the plug is tight and adheres well to the Phone. You will notice that your Phone is less prone to accidentally falling out of your hands. Many consumers have seen a significant change when using electrical outlets.


Some essential tips

This is one of those things that is not taken into account, but you have to be careful not to leave things on the Phone. The weight of another item may affect the display. Even if it doesn’t crack, it could weaken the surface, making it vulnerable to cracking.

Similarly, when you put your iPhone in your bag, it is prone to the screen breaking from rubbing against other elements. A great way to avoid this is to keep your iPhone in a separate pocket, so it doesn’t get stained with the rest of your things.

Another simple trick is to be aware of your iPhone and where you put it. If you are sensitive to broken screens, there is no other way to avoid it than to be responsible. No matter what device it is, you need to make sure not to throw it away so that the screen is not ruined.

These tips will help you prevent the screen from breaking. And if you are facing the trouble of a split-screen, you can always contact us for glass and screen repair services.

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How To Find The Best and Trusted iPad Fixing Service in Perth.


These days, mobiles, laptops, iPads have become an integral part of all human beings’ lives, and no one can imagine a single hour without their mobiles or laptops. Then imagine the level of agony a person goes through when their mobile phone, iPad, or laptop is damaged. Certain people try to solve these problems with DIY methods, but most of the minds of others immediately come up with questions like “What is the best Ipad Fixing Service provider near me?”

Even your iPad and iPhone can be damaged due to an unpredictable drop with different electronic devices. Now the question is, how can it be repaired again to make it work perfectly? You need to choose a reputable and certified company or store for iPhone repair. Indeed, there would be many repair companies, so how will you find which company is the best? Read on for your answer.

So when you are faced with circumstances like this, you’d better follow the tips mentioned below to find the best Ipad Fixing Service provider.


Search online:

Most people are doing the first thing these days when trying to find any product or service is to search online. So when your laptop or any other device gets damaged, do simple online searches like “best laptop repair service provider near me”. However, it is not difficult to look for a reliable and trustworthy company for iPad and iPhone repairs. All you need to do is type “best iPad repair company” into Google or another search engine, and different links to the site of repair service providers or companies will appear on the search page. However, it is suggested to stay away from the service provider that sounds sales-oriented or sounds quite sophisticated. After sorting out the bad apples or unwanted sites, the next step will be to ensure that the company you are about to choose is well licensed and certified by Apple, as Apple only approves a company that has technicians certified and trained in Macintosh.

Check Reviews

After conducting an online search and getting the required result, be sure to check the reviews posted by your former customers. This gives you an idea of mobile repair companies in your area and helps you decide which company is the most trusted.



Seek help from your acquaintances

First-hand feedback and recommendations can be the most helpful in learning about the most reliable services. You can ask your friends, family, co-workers, and other professionals about the services they used. Word of mouth can be the most essential and trusted source of information and first-hand accounts from the best local service providers.

Cost of services

You may have damaged a pretty old device, and you only want to repair it to reactivate the data. You will not like to spend a significant amount in such circumstances, but you would like to fulfil your purpose in the most profitable way. Therefore, determine the charge to be made by the service provider.




There will be certain parts that will need to be replaced, making sure the service provider offers the required warranty for those parts.

So these are the simple tips you should consider when choosing the best laptop or mobile device repair service provider in your area.

Whether an iPhone or an iPad is available an iPad, there is a possibility that you will need to find a good and reliable repair technician for reasons of your device being damaged or malfunctioning. Most of the time, it is the damage done to an iPad that requires looking for a good technician or iPad repair service provider in Perth. While you will likely come across multiple iPad technicians, not all of them can deliver the desired results based on your expectations.

Therefore, you must tread with care and caution when it comes to repairing your damaged iPad. It is highly recommended that, whenever possible, you choose to have your iPad repaired at the same dealer that you purchased it from in the first place. And, if the choice is out of the question, then you need to do a little research to find the best option available, considering the factors mentioned below.

By typing the words “mobile repair Perth” in the URL bar of the Google site, you will surely get a list of links related to the available iPad repair service centres near your neighbourhood, displayed in front of your screen. By searching for the services offered by iPad repair service providers and their charges for doing so, you can help yourself by finding an experienced and reliable technician. However, as a warning, avoid going for an iPad repair company, which may seem too fancy or make big claims to attract business.

Once you have shortlisted the iPad repair service provider, the next step is to find out some facts about the company. First of all, make sure the service provider is eligible enough and is authorized to do repairs for sensitive and expensive devices like your iPad. Giving the iPad repair job to any hobbyist can have severe repercussions and adverse effects on their device.

Check to see if the technician or service centre has a suitable location to be contacted or approached to have the iPad device delivered to you. Any provider without a physical location is best kept at bay. Once you have selected a few Apple Authorized Repair Companies, you should consider the factors mentioned below before choosing the best service provider for your iPad. The initial consideration is to determine if the service provider has any physical locations listed on their website. There are cases where service providers encourage customers to mail their damaged or broken Smartphone; therefore, it is generally best to check the location of the service centre. In addition, it is also essential to check the contact numbers available on the site. Usually, scam providers give fake contact numbers on websites.

Second, it is vitally important that the iPad repair service provider is an expert to ensure optimal results after your valuable device is repaired. It is essential to check if the service centre technicians are experienced and qualified. It is necessary to check if the service provider has expert Macintosh technicians. Treat the iPad like your baby since you want the best for your baby, so find the best repair centre for your expensive iPad. If you come across few experienced service providers, choose the one with great experience and excellent reviews or testimonials from previous clients. You should also check out the different types of repairs that the company can perform. Also, gather information about the time it will take for technicians to perform specific maintenance. Few vendors claim to return your iPad in just a month once it is repaired.

Before opting for iPad or iPhone repair, please take a closer look at things like how many days it will take to get things back on track, the estimated total cost you will incur for repairs, etc.

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3 Hacks to Protect your iPhone Back Screen from Breaking

3 Hacks to Protect your
iPhone Back Screen from Breaking

In modern times, smartphone screens are increasingly fragile and making you more likely than ever to repair a phone’s back screen. Since most companies opt for larger phones on their flagship devices, they are more likely to get damaged and need repair. Especially with iPhones, the back screen is so delicate that a drop from a nominal height can cause a big crack in the screen to repair or replace it. We see many people with the habit of regularly dropping their phones. Suppose you’re one of those people who periodically fall their iphone and have a screen fixed too often.

In that case, it is time to consider some ways of protecting your precious iphone back screen against shattering or cracking. The best way to prevent cracking your phone is not to drop it. There are some other ways to minimize the damage caused to your phone’s back screen by accident. Are you messing with your mobile phone? Well, if your smartphone is too casual and you previously had broken back screen problems, it is high time to control your activities.

An iPhone is an expensive device, and it can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs! The iPhone is more sensitive than other smartphones, and so you must be careful not to break your expensive back screen into pieces. Here are a few clever ways to protect your iPhone’s back glass screen repair or any damages.

Bumper Case Use

The most effective way to prevent cracking your iPhone’s back screen is using a bumper case. Many enterprises have developed reliable and robust bumper cases for almost every model in the leading telephone companies with technological advances. It is due to the increased demand for them. These bumper cases have made the cases more attractive and stylish to attract more customers, so a mobile phone user does not feel that their iPhone will look bad when installing the bumper case. Some cases are so well-designed that telephones look better.

Now you must think how much a bumper can reduce fall damage, right? Well, it depends on the quality and construction of the case. Two types of cases are usually available on the market. One is stylish, lightweight. These cases are good enough to protect the back glass of your phone against minor scratches and can hardly minimize the damage caused by a severe fall. The others don’t look so good but have a good and robust construction quality. You may add a few grams more of weight to your phone, but it will absorb maximum damage by dropping your phone from a reasonable level. Drop shock gets absorbed by heavy-duty crests installed in the bumper case on the phone’s edges.


The bumpers are now available in most mobile phone accessory shops and repair shops: retail or even gas stations. If you wonder if they could cost a lot, then you’re wrong. They cost nothing for the protection they give to your phone. You can also find great online retail options and deals, such as Amazon.

Some best-known cell phone bumper brands are listed below:

  • Spigen
  • Otterbox
  • Ringke
  • Incipio
  • Poetic

Rugged Armor Cases from Spigen are considered the best case for your smartphones to be protected. Even the other Spigen cases have carbon fiber elements that make them slim and stylish, and with these cases, you also obtain military protection. Otterbox and Ringke gave Spigen great competition with their series of high-quality and elegant bumper cases.

These brands are all known to launch their cases soon after launching the latest mobile manufacturers model. Don’t wait weeks and months to purchase your newest smartphone model’s bumper case.

Pop Sockets’ Use


Pop sockets have recently proven to be an excellent tool for holding your phone stronger and more firmly. Pop sockets will undoubtedly reduce the risk of dropping your phone, especially when you text or take a selfie. Pop sockets are plastic gadgets attached to your phone’s back. They feature a circular base, a flexible stem, and a stylish record. You can hold the pop socket connected to your phone with one or two fingers and immediately feel a lot better grip and hold on to your phone. Pop socket users have shared their great experiences with them every day.

It is one of the best-selling telephone accessories today. Many celebrities are seen on their phones using pop sockets. Besides the extra grip and protection, it also gets used for style and fashion purposes. Another advantage of using a pop-up socket is that your phone can efficiently work with just one hand. If you find it challenging to use your phone with one hand and need to use two hands to use your iPhone, pop sockets get recommended.

Last year, the company sold more than 25 million units and planned to expand its reach into more parts of the world. The best thing they did to attract the maximum number of clients was to add the customization option to the gadget. For example, by adding your photo, you can customize your pop socket. So apart from the thousands of designs that were already available, many customers certainly paid attention to the option of designing your Pop Socket themselves.

Phone Holder

How many times do we drop our phones while driving our car? People clumsily drop their phones while trying to use them in their vehicles. Most of those times, users end up cracking their phone’s back glass screen. The reason you use your car telephone may be for navigation, text, or call. In these cases, the use of a car phone holder gets recommended to avoid dropping your phone. It is against the law to use your cell phone while driving your car. With the help of a car telephone holder, you can use your phone for navigation, music, or any other purpose without the risk of dropping it.

It’s another very cheap instrument to minimize the risk that your phone will drop and the back screen will crack. You can find extremely cheap car phone holders in your nearby cell phone accessories shop or even in online stores like Amazon.



If your iPhone back screen gets broken, you can check iFixsmartphones. In hours, you can repair your broken or cracked iPhone back screen. Just let us know your favorite location in Perth, and you get met by one of our technicians or staff. We use premium parts and equipment to restore the original status of your iPhone screen. For light to moderate repairs, the same-day service is workable.

Touch screen malfunctions also get covered in this service. Qualified Perth technicians will make sure you repair and restore your iPhone back screen. When the iPhone back screen gets fixed, a guarantee will be issued, excluding accidental damage to the screen, for a limited time. You can take it back for repair at no additional cost if your iPhone develops screen problems after the repair gets done. Sometimes your iPhone can be picked from your location by the technicians in Perth at home or work, fixed, and then returned to you.


Same Day Phone Repair at iFixsmartphones

Same day repair service
iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy
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What Our Customers Are Saying About iFixsmartphone Services



Star Rating



Husband dropped his iPhone 8 face first on the ground at the gym, but no worries at all- the screen was replaced the next day at my home in 30 minutes for about half the price it would cost to take it to Apple! I was especially happy to be recommended this company by a friend when I asked for recommendations, because the reviews on other local companies were very mixed and I couldn’t tell which were real and which were fake. I felt very nervous as some customers had posted nightmare situations trying to get their phones fixed. With word of mouth recommendation I felt reassured and had a great experience. Very convenient, fast, friendly and professional service.

Sarah McIlvaine


I broke my phone on Sunday and thought I was going to have a nightmare having it repaired due to having three twelve hour shifts to do and no time to go hunt down a shop to do the repair. I also didn’t want to have to wait around for an hour or so or leave my phone overnight.

This service was the absolute perfect solution….booked the appointment online and the repair guy turned up at my home spot on time and had my phone repaired within 30 mins whilst I carried on doing what I needed to do.

The price is super cheap too considering they come to you……very happy customer.

Elaine Lee


This is the third time I’ve called _ for his services, and each time I’m more and more impressed. He provides excellent service with great efficiency and is willing to be as lenient and flexible as is required. Cannot recommend him enough for his time and effort, no complaints about the end result: 10/10!

Jactan Chan


I phoned him one day and he out the next. Replaced screen and charging port on one phone and changed a battery on another phone! Then gave a $30 discount! This certainly beats going and sitting at an Apple store for 2 hours!

He was also very professional!

Mathew Johnson


Please share!!

I found this service two week ago and he has been amazing he come to you and he mad my day butfixing my phone 2 times!

Personal review 1000/10

Amber Murray


By far the best phone repair service I’ve ever used. Tomasz has always provided outstanding customer service & has managed to work around my schedule. He’s also the most friendliest phone repair person you’ll ever come across. Easily 5+ Stars.



Do you want to know about the best smartphone repairs for same-day phone repair? If yes, then you should go for iFixsmartphones. Here are some of the main reasons to choose iFixsmartphones:

Same-Day Phone Repair

If you want a same-day phone repair service for your smartphone on any issues, you should go for iFixsmartphone services. If you are a Perth resident, iFixsmartphones is always there to provide you with quality services by same-day phone repair. You can search for your nearest locations by logging on to our website.

Quality Services

iFixsmartphone is the best same-day phone repair center, as it always provides quality services to its customers. Their technicians are amiable and try to solve their customer’s problems as soon as they can.

Low Price

iFixsmartphone is all in one package, as it provides quality services at low prices. Besides this, they also give a 90-day-warranty after repairing a smartphone.

Why iFixsmartphones?

iFixsmartphones, as the name shows, provides quality service by fixing your broken smartphone. IFixsmartphones provide services from screen repair to battery repair. They have highly-skilled, qualified technicians who can handle every kind of issue related to smartphones. They are experts in repairing Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony, Google, HTC, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia, Amazon, One plus, and many other brands.

iFixsmartphones cares for its customers and always tries its best to have a truly fantastic experience with them. So, what are you waiting for now? Go and avail the facility of same-day phone repair.


iPhone Repair At Doorstep


Getting your iPhone repaired may seem like a daunting task initially, but iFixsmartphones are the best in iPhone Repairs. We add a lot of time and efforts into making our repair process as fast and easy as possible, so there’s nothing to worry about. Our professionally trained technicians treat your iPhone as their own, and their attention to detail – combined with the use of 100% Authentic APPLE PARTS – lets our repairs stand out from the rest. We’re going to make sure your iPhone looks as good as new!

As you’ll see, it’s brilliantly easy to find and select the repair as per your need, or to ask for our help if you’re not sure. One of our smart team members will respond to your enquiry as quickly as possible, meaning you can get your iPhone repaired and fixed in no time.

When your iPhone arrives at our Service Centre, it’s carefully unpackaged and inspected by a dedicated technician. We start the repair work immediately to be sent back to you in the minimum possible time!

iFixsmartphones specialize in iPhone, iPod, and iPad repairs. If you’re as addicted to your iPhone, iPod, iPad as we are, we understand that you want it fixed immediately.

Save Time: iFixsmartphones delivers facilities at your doorstep (Home or Business). We will come to see you for some of our repairs. Or if we can arrange for you to pick up and drop off at your house. Much of the repairs only take a few hours. Therefore, you don’t need to give your iPhone off and be without a cell for days.

3 Reason To Get Your iPhone Repair At The Doorstep By Us:

  • Same or Next Day Service Delivery

Most of the repairs will be completed on the same day that you call or on the next day.

  • 1 Year Warranty

All Work is covered by a warranty of 1 year after the repair date. If any component that was repaired fails to be used regularly, we will replace it without any charges.

  • Safety

Your iPhone undoubtedly holds many personal details you don’t want in possession of a stranger. That’s why iFixsmartphones are better because you’re more than welcome to see the whole repair process from start to finish. Faster: you’ll only be without your iPhone for 20 to 30 minutes while it’s being fixed. Any of those on-line mail repair sites could make you wait almost a week to see your iPhones back. Well, that’s not the case with us!

Make sure to check the description for your particular iPhone model – as it sometimes differs slightly between models. The relevant description will fade to appear when you select your model. If you’re not sure which model of iPhone you have – you can find out on our website and check for the exact prices.

1 Year Warranty
All iFix Smartphones Repairs Are Backed by One Year Warranty.

To lodge a warranty claim please email including your name, phone
model and issue with the phone.


Contact us on our website, or book an appointment. Post this you will get a call from our team members, and they will guide you through the process. We will give you the doorstep service to get your phone to our service center, and we will immediately start the repair of your iPhone and fix it in no time.


Your iPhone arrives with us and is inspected.

We check that the iPhone is indeed repairable based on the repair option you have selected. The fully trained technician un-packages your iPhone in preparation for the repair, taking the utmost care in handling your beloved possession.

Your iPhone is repaired.

Using the most professional repair methods in the industry, the necessary parts on your iPhone are replaced. The device is then tested (subject to accessibility) to ensure it is back to full working condition, before being re-packaged ready for sending back to you.



Your iPhone is sent back to you.

We have tested many different types of packaging and found the best kind for sending iPhones. It includes a thick cardboard box, bubble wrap and a padded envelope. We always use Special Delivery to return your device. No expense is spared on making sure your iPhone is fully protected on its way back to you!


iPad Fixing Services by iFixsmartphones in Perth


iPad Fixing Service

In the morning, while you are trying to rush to work, you suddenly realize that your presentation is on your iPad. You open it, and it’s not working, or your kids dropped it on the floor, and its screen went blank. You have no idea what’s wrong with your iPad. The worst part is that its warranty has already ended, or you don’t have time to rush to the repair shop to get it fixed.

Many times you have to get your iPad repaired. For example: Get the cracked screen fixed. There is no need to panic when you can have the iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones in Perth at your doorstep. We ensure the best services for your iPad.

iPad Screen Replacement Screen + LCD Replacement
iPad Pro 12.9′ (2017) $749 $749
iPad Pro 12.9′ (2015) $449 $449
iPad Pro 11′ (2018) $549 $549
iPad Pro 10.5′ $319 $319
iPad Pro 9.7′ $269 $269
iPad 7 $129 na
iPad 6 $129 $229
iPad 5 $129 $229
iPad 4 $119 $199
iPad Air 3 $349 $349
iPad Air 2 $299 $299
iPad Air $129 $229
iPad Mini 5 $229 $229
iPad Mini 4 $249 $249
iPad Mini 3 $129 $229
iPad Mini 2 $129 $229
iPad Mini $129 $229


How Does It Work?

If you are anywhere in Perth, we are there to help you. If your iPad is not working, and you need an urgent service of your iPad, contact iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones. Tell us your query, and the required service will get provided to you at your doorstep. No hassle at all.


Our Specifications and Services

There are several services we provide. We are dedicated to helping you fix your broken iPad. Our services can be generalized as follows:

  • iPad screen repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera repair service
  • Microphone/speaker repair
  • Power button repair
  • Charging port repair


How to Contact Us?

  • Pick a time and place.
  • Contact us and tell us the problem
  • Wait for the confirmation of your booking.
  • We provide doorstep service to fix your iPad



We provide a 1-year warranty.

Getting your iPad fixing service by iFixsmartphones is impressive. We have extensive iPad repair experience and excellent customer service skills. Just contact us, make a booking, and your service will get done at your doorstep. We assure you of the best service and genuine parts for your iPad.

1 Year Warranty
All iFix Smartphones Repairs Are Backed by One Year Warranty.

To lodge a warranty claim please email including your name, phone
model and issue with the phone.


Glass and screen repair in Perth

Glass And Screen Repair In Perth


Most of the electronic devices that we use as of now come along with glasses and screens. When we get cracks or damages, we will wonder whether to replace the glass, screen, or both. If you are currently dealing with this confusion, this article is for you. We will share all the important things that you will need to be aware about before you go ahead with glass and screen repair in Perth. Based on that, you can get the repair job done while ensuring the best possible returns at the end of the day. You will be able to receive outstanding returns out of it as well.

What is glass and LCD replacement?

Glass is the top most layer that you can see on the screen. It is the surface that you touch. When you see a crack, it is mostly on the glass of the laptop. However, when you hit on something really hard, the laptop will end up with getting damages in the screen as well. Screen is the most expensive part. That’s because it is responsible for the production of images. You will need to keep these in your mind and then go ahead with finding the best glass and screen repair services. The experts that specialize in screen repairs will be able to deliver both these services to you. You just need to take a look at the available services and get them accordingly.


How much does it cost to fix a screen?


There is no straightforward answer to this question. That’s because the cost associated with fixing a screen would vary on a variety of factors. The most prominent factor out of them would be the type of device that you have. In fact, the type of display you have would vary depending on the type of device you have.

Can you fix an LCD screen without replacing it?

In most of the instances, damages that you get in the LCD screens cannot be fixed. You will have to think about replacing the screen. That’s because of the delicate nature of the LCD screens. You will never be able to fix a damaged LCD screen and you should always think about getting that replaced. An expert service provider who offers support with LCD screen replacement will be able to help you with getting the job done.


How do I know if my screen is broken or glass?


You can easily check and confirm whether you have damaged only the glass or you have damaged the screen as well. All you have to do is to check whether the screen is working. When the screen is fully working as it is supposed to work, you need to understand that the problem is with the glass. Therefore, you will be able to replace glass and fix the problem. This will be a cost-effective fix as well. That’s because you will not have to spend a lot of money on replacing the glass when compared to the screen.