6 common mistakes that ruins your Samsung battery life


It doesn’t matter how robust your phone’s battery is, but if you’re stuck on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or your job requires you to be on the phone all day, the battery is sure to drain quickly.

In addition to Apple, smartphone maker Samsung is also slowly moving towards non-removable lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries with limited capacity. Mobile phone batteries (Li-ion) have approximately 1000 life charge cycles, after which the battery begins to drain rapidly.

However, your battery can last 3-5 years if used with proper care.

Here are 6 big mistakes to avoid when charging your phone …


1. Never charge the phone overnight

Most of us finally do that. Before going to bed, we plug our device into the bed, leave it connected overnight and charge the device at the time for hours. The battery life is shortened by overcharging the device.

Connecting the phone for 2-3 hours is sufficient, as the lithium-ion batteries charge quickly. They can reach 100% charge in more than 2 hours.

Overcharging the phone can also be dangerous because the temperature rises when the battery is overcharged. Like any other device, cell phone batteries also get hot when overcharged, and this can cause an explosion. Never leave your phone charging overnight. It may explode when the battery is overcharged. It also affects the performance of the phone.

Lithium-ion batteries contain many lithium-ion cells, and the temperature of these cells is specific. The cells start releasing a tonne of heat when they reach a critical temperature due to external warmth or overload.

The battery could quickly fire or cause a small explosion, depending on the speed of this process. Smartphones are also believed to be called smartphones for a reason. When a lithium-ion battery reaches 100% capacity, charging stops on its own.

That usually happens in an hour or two. However, this leaves the phone overheating, and when the phone shows an overheating alert, it is better to change the battery and stop charging the device for more hours.

2. Avoid frequent charging

Your smartphone battery may barely last a day, but that doesn’t mean you keep charging it every few minutes when you see the battery drop 10%. Charging your phone frequently can damage the battery life.

Furthermore, it is terrible to charge the equipment from nil to full and dry the battery regularly. Remember, the more the device you plug in, the heater the device, so try not to plug it all the time.

It is better to maintain batteries charged by up to 80%, but never charge batteries from nil to complete and drain them fully regularly or affect battery life on a long-term basis.

Li-ion doesn’t have to be charged ultimately since a high voltage battery overloads and uses it over time.



3. Do not use different chargers.

Never buy second-hand chargers or use another device’s charger to charge your device.

You may not know, but you were damaging your phone’s battery by doing so. Always carry the charger in your bag, and if you lost the original charger or forgot to carry it, avoid charging your phone with someone else’s charger as much as possible.

If you must buy one, be sure to buy only an original charger from an authorised store. Some people may find it helpful that most smartphones use a micro USB for their chargers.

However, all chargers and phones are not necessarily compatible with this procedure. Some of your phone chargers are designed to decrease their power when your device gets 100% charging, while others don’t.

Given the similar micro USB connectors in most smartphones these days, people think charging the device with any loader fits appropriately is all right. Not only your smartphone but also the battery can suffer severe damage.

Use the same charger that came with your device in the box. They were designed and tested together, so ideally, they work together optimally.

4. Never unplug the phone unless it is charged to 80%

For years, it has been believed that letting the phone charge 100% can cause the battery to degrade faster compared to unplugging it once.



5. Using a battery-backed phone case

A phone case with a built-in battery backup might seem helpful. But as we mentioned, heat is bad for a battery, and a phone case that doubles as a charger will give off heat and cause the battery to heat up while charging. On top of that, as we just noted, the case will trap heat. If you need a portable stand, go for one that connects to your phone via a cable.

6. Do not use the phone with wet hands

Often people start using the phone with wet hands, which is not correct; if its drops get into your phone, you may have to suffer a good loss. Or the water can enter the battery and damage it.


And here are some tips that can help you to avoid these mistakes.

1. Use battery saver mode

Nowadays, all smartphones have the option of battery saving mode. This saves your phone battery. In this case, keep battery saving mode on your phone while charging. Your battery will charge in less time.

2. Charging in airplane mode

Activate airplane mode on your smartphone while charging the phone. This will disable features like phone calls, Internet, GPS, and the phone will charge faster.

3. Do not fully charge the phone.

It is often observed that people charge the phone up to its maximum limit of 100%. Let me tell you that doing this drains your battery quickly, as has been reported. Charge the phone up to 80% or a maximum of 85%.

4. Don’t use third-party apps.

Avoid using third-party apps if you want to keep your phone’s battery intact. These applications also run in the background, which consumes more battery.

5. Use the lite version of the app.

There are many applications available at the moment, but many applications have released their lite versions. Like Facebook has launched its Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite versions. The Lite version saves both your data and your battery.

6. Don’t use the phone while charging from the power bank.

People often use the power bank to charge the phone while travelling and continue to use it during that time. Let me tell you that the performance of this smartphone simultaneously damages the battery screen. If you do, change your habit right away.

I hope this detailed guide helps you avoid the fundamental battery issues, and the tips help to maximise the battery life. And if you are looking for Samsung phone repair in Perth then we are here at your rescue to provide you the top quality service at best rates.

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