3 Hacks to Protect your iPhone Back Screen from Breaking

3 Hacks to Protect your
iPhone Back Screen from Breaking

In modern times, smartphone screens are increasingly fragile and making you more likely than ever to repair a phone’s back screen. Since most companies opt for larger phones on their flagship devices, they are more likely to get damaged and need repair. Especially with iPhones, the back screen is so delicate that a drop from a nominal height can cause a big crack in the screen to repair or replace it. We see many people with the habit of regularly dropping their phones. Suppose you’re one of those people who periodically fall their iphone and have a screen fixed too often.

In that case, it is time to consider some ways of protecting your precious iphone back screen against shattering or cracking. The best way to prevent cracking your phone is not to drop it. There are some other ways to minimize the damage caused to your phone’s back screen by accident. Are you messing with your mobile phone? Well, if your smartphone is too casual and you previously had broken back screen problems, it is high time to control your activities.

An iPhone is an expensive device, and it can result in thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs! The iPhone is more sensitive than other smartphones, and so you must be careful not to break your expensive back screen into pieces. Here are a few clever ways to protect your iPhone’s back glass screen repair or any damages.

Bumper Case Use

The most effective way to prevent cracking your iPhone’s back screen is using a bumper case. Many enterprises have developed reliable and robust bumper cases for almost every model in the leading telephone companies with technological advances. It is due to the increased demand for them. These bumper cases have made the cases more attractive and stylish to attract more customers, so a mobile phone user does not feel that their iPhone will look bad when installing the bumper case. Some cases are so well-designed that telephones look better.

Now you must think how much a bumper can reduce fall damage, right? Well, it depends on the quality and construction of the case. Two types of cases are usually available on the market. One is stylish, lightweight. These cases are good enough to protect the back glass of your phone against minor scratches and can hardly minimize the damage caused by a severe fall. The others don’t look so good but have a good and robust construction quality. You may add a few grams more of weight to your phone, but it will absorb maximum damage by dropping your phone from a reasonable level. Drop shock gets absorbed by heavy-duty crests installed in the bumper case on the phone’s edges.


The bumpers are now available in most mobile phone accessory shops and repair shops: retail or even gas stations. If you wonder if they could cost a lot, then you’re wrong. They cost nothing for the protection they give to your phone. You can also find great online retail options and deals, such as Amazon.

Some best-known cell phone bumper brands are listed below:

  • Spigen
  • Otterbox
  • Ringke
  • Incipio
  • Poetic

Rugged Armor Cases from Spigen are considered the best case for your smartphones to be protected. Even the other Spigen cases have carbon fiber elements that make them slim and stylish, and with these cases, you also obtain military protection. Otterbox and Ringke gave Spigen great competition with their series of high-quality and elegant bumper cases.

These brands are all known to launch their cases soon after launching the latest mobile manufacturers model. Don’t wait weeks and months to purchase your newest smartphone model’s bumper case.

Pop Sockets’ Use


Pop sockets have recently proven to be an excellent tool for holding your phone stronger and more firmly. Pop sockets will undoubtedly reduce the risk of dropping your phone, especially when you text or take a selfie. Pop sockets are plastic gadgets attached to your phone’s back. They feature a circular base, a flexible stem, and a stylish record. You can hold the pop socket connected to your phone with one or two fingers and immediately feel a lot better grip and hold on to your phone. Pop socket users have shared their great experiences with them every day.

It is one of the best-selling telephone accessories today. Many celebrities are seen on their phones using pop sockets. Besides the extra grip and protection, it also gets used for style and fashion purposes. Another advantage of using a pop-up socket is that your phone can efficiently work with just one hand. If you find it challenging to use your phone with one hand and need to use two hands to use your iPhone, pop sockets get recommended.

Last year, the company sold more than 25 million units and planned to expand its reach into more parts of the world. The best thing they did to attract the maximum number of clients was to add the customization option to the gadget. For example, by adding your photo, you can customize your pop socket. So apart from the thousands of designs that were already available, many customers certainly paid attention to the option of designing your Pop Socket themselves.

Phone Holder

How many times do we drop our phones while driving our car? People clumsily drop their phones while trying to use them in their vehicles. Most of those times, users end up cracking their phone’s back glass screen. The reason you use your car telephone may be for navigation, text, or call. In these cases, the use of a car phone holder gets recommended to avoid dropping your phone. It is against the law to use your cell phone while driving your car. With the help of a car telephone holder, you can use your phone for navigation, music, or any other purpose without the risk of dropping it.

It’s another very cheap instrument to minimize the risk that your phone will drop and the back screen will crack. You can find extremely cheap car phone holders in your nearby cell phone accessories shop or even in online stores like Amazon.



If your iPhone back screen gets broken, you can check iFixsmartphones. In hours, you can repair your broken or cracked iPhone back screen. Just let us know your favorite location in Perth, and you get met by one of our technicians or staff. We use premium parts and equipment to restore the original status of your iPhone screen. For light to moderate repairs, the same-day service is workable.

Touch screen malfunctions also get covered in this service. Qualified Perth technicians will make sure you repair and restore your iPhone back screen. When the iPhone back screen gets fixed, a guarantee will be issued, excluding accidental damage to the screen, for a limited time. You can take it back for repair at no additional cost if your iPhone develops screen problems after the repair gets done. Sometimes your iPhone can be picked from your location by the technicians in Perth at home or work, fixed, and then returned to you.