12 Reasons Your iPhone Battery Dies So Fast


“Why does my mobile phone drain so quickly?” As an iphone battery replacement in Perth service provider, we hear this question many times. While there may be several reasons for this problem, the main ones are related to “phone charging and carrying habits” than anything else. Yes, you read it right. If your phone’s battery doesn’t last long, the main thing to consider is how you use your device, how you charge it, and what / how many apps it has.

Some of these reasons may seem too important, but most of the time, they are to blame, especially when your device is not too old.

We will look at 12 of those reasons about what drains your Android battery and how you can solve them.

1. Check which apps drain your Android battery

First, let’s find out how exactly the battery power is being consumed. Fortunately, Android phones have this “Battery Usage” option to show you the details of the battery consumption since the last charge.

Clicks on Settings
Find and tap “About device.”
Choose the “Battery” or “Battery Use” option

There you will know how the battery is being consumed, from applications/systems to hardware devices.

You can choose to uninstall apps that you don’t use but are still consuming battery. If you find that the tools consume a lot of power, you can at least disable the notifications and pop-ups of these applications.

2. Restart the device and reload

We generally underestimate the power of “rebooting.” But, at least we know that it can be an effective solution to various software and application related problems.

Restarting clears open apps, updates the phone system, and ends memory leaks. All of this eventually helps increase battery life on Android. So don’t forget to try this trick. Restart your device and then fully recharge it. You are likely to get positive results.

3. Reduce the use of multiple applications

They remain an essential component of “using the phone,” ranging from telephone banking to online shopping, video chats, and social browsing. But too many can lead to the problem of quick-drying of an Android battery. Data and power are used to update apps. Moreover, they send notifications and add them all day, making your telephone vibrate and splash constantly. As a result, the phone drains faster than usual. This leads to battery drainage. Therefore, a viable option is to deinstall the apps you do not use often. In addition, make sure that apps that you can’t give up disable notifications and add-ons.

4. Adjust display settings

If you want to fix your phone battery draining so fast, here are some display settings that we suggest you choose.

Maintain low screen luminosity. Do not automatically turn on luminosity. Keep it lower manually, instead, if you don’t need it up.

In some applications and even on the system level, modern phones with displays allow a dark mode. This should be tried to save some energy.

5. Reduce sleep waiting time.

This will ensure that your screen does not stay active / on unnecessarily. The shortest duration you can go for is 15 seconds, which seems fine.

6. Apps running in the background

Some apps, even after closing, update in the background and cause the phone’s battery to drain quickly. It wouldn’t hurt to call them silent battery killers. So one of the main things to do when you notice your Android battery draining quickly is to close these background apps.

To do that, you must first enable the Developer option. Next, go to Settings> About phone> Build number. Touch “Build Number” seven times.

Now click on the back button and look for the developer option. Then, press “Running services.”

Here you will have all the applications running in the background. You must close (force) them to avoid unnecessary power consumption.

7. GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

You must have noticed that activating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS (Google Map) could make your phone’s battery drain so fast. So you’d prefer these features unless they are essential if you want your battery to run longer.

Check also whether localization services are used unnecessarily by any applications. This can be verified by Settings>Apps and Notifications>App permissions>Placements. Checking and deactivating access to all applications without location service.

8. Enable a power-saving mode

A power-saving mode disables all non-essential services and functions on your device, relieving a great deal of battery power. The display may not look as bright as before, but it helps to charge the battery longer. Go to Settings>Battery>Accumulator to allow this mode.

9. Use the loader original

Although Android phones feature a universal charging interface, charging an original charger for your phone is advisable. As a fake charger not only hampers battery performance but also reduces the ability to retain a charge (when used for long periods). The ideal charger is one with battery power in conjunction with the output voltage and amps. Therefore, use your phone’s charger always. Buy it from the authorised service centre of the brand if it is damaged.

10. Update applications and software system

Keeping your applications and software system updated to the latest version helps smooth out your phone’s performance. Select Settings> Phone> System Update for updating the system. Download and install an update if available.

11. Replace a battery

All batteries have an expiration date. If the “phone battery drains so fast” problem develops after 2-3 years of purchasing the phone, it may be time to replace the battery. If you are charging your phone, check the status of the battery.

On the phone> Battery Status, click Settings. If the status shows “poor” or any other message than “charge”, then you must take your device and get an original brand name battery at a licenced service station.

12. See these mischarging practices

The way your device is charged is essential to ensure good battery performance and longevity. Here are some bad charging practices to prevent these battery problems from being overcome.

Avoid charging the battery to 100% or draining it completely to 0%. According to battery experts, this adds to the ageing process of a lithium-ion smartphone battery.

Please do not use your phone when connected and charged (see the video or play games). You can overheat your telephone.

Just use an original charger, as mentioned above.

Don’t put your phone into a warm or sunny atmosphere.

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