12 Hacks To Extend Your iPad life


When working on your trusted iPad, how many times did you get out of power? Well, we assume that she has already lost count of the number of times. All your work is done through your smart device in the age of smartphones and tablets, but when its batteries run out, it leaves us vulnerable and angry. And you start looking for iPad repairs Perth.

But you can still control wasting your precious iPad battery life, as long as you take a few precautions beforehand. These are pretty simple steps to take in the everyday use of your tablet, and here are 12 of the most straightforward steps to follow to extend your iPad battery life.

Apple has a specific length of time that each iPad battery should last based on regular use, but hitting that value is a big task. In this article, we are going to explore some popular methods to achieve this.

The reason behind the disconnection is the software. Although Apple creates excellent hardware, its software is a bit lacking. It is common for us to see a 64GB iPhone running out of space even when using iCloud to store everything.

  1. Disable Push Notifications

Just go to Settings – Mail – Contacts – Calendars – Get new data – Disable Push.

  1. Don’t Use Graphics-intensive Apps Often

Some certain apps or games may look pretty to look at, but they still eat up your battery life in the background. So avoid them as much as possible.

  1. Keep The Software Up To Date

Apple is known for releasing timely updates to its iPhone and iPad offerings. These updates usually consist of general fixes that are intended to improve your overall experience. Some of these fixes also mean better battery life.

  1. Disabling Wi-Fi and Mobile Data

Just head to Settings – WiFi / Cellular Option – tap the off switch.

  1. Disable Location Data/Services

If you are constantly using your location services to find roads, routes, know that it will significantly affect your iPad battery life. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you disable location services when not in use.

  1. Activate The Automatic Lock Function

Just head to Settings> General> tap on Auto-Lock. Hereinafter, set the interval to a short period (such as one minute).

So you bought yourself a shiny new Apple device, but you are so addicted that the battery is running low too soon; what you need are a couple of tips to keep your battery working for as long as possible, and we have them here.

Many of these tips will be common sense and will come as no surprise to geeky readers, but now you have an article that you can send to your less geeky friends and family when they ask you how to improve their knowledge. Battery duration.

  1. Keep Your iDevice Out Of The Sun

Whatever you do, please don’t leave your iPhone or iPad in a hot car; Heat kills batteries faster than anything else, and your device that used to hold a charge for hours will eventually barely make you pay Apple to replace it. The same is true for any really hot environment – try storing your device in a cool place.

  1. Reduce Screen Brightness

If you keep the screen at maximum brightness all the time, you’re wasting a lot of battery life, and the screens these days are so bright anyway that it isn’t necessary, especially at night. Head to Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper to adjust the default brightness level, which you can probably keep as low as 30% most of the time.

  1. Make Sure The Screen Locks Quickly

Even if you’ve adjusted the screen brightness, there’s no substitute for it to turn off when you’re not using it quickly. Go to General -> Automatic Lock to set the screen lock to happen as fast as your device allows it. This makes a big difference if you always take your phone and put it in your pocket without turning off the screen.

  1. Use Airplane Mode When You Don’t Need Internet (iPad / iPhone)

If you’re busy spending the next 8 hours playing Angry Birds, there might not be a good reason to have internet access, so you might consider using airplane mode, which turns off both Wi-Fi and regular wireless radio. Of course, this will prevent phone calls if you’re on an iPhone, but if you’re busy with Angry Birds, you probably don’t want the interruption anyway.

The most important reason to use airplane mode is to be mobile in an area with a spotty connection because the iPhone or iPad will try to stay connected. It will constantly search for a connection, which can drain your battery. Head to Settings and toggle the Airplane Mode switch up at the top of the screen.

  1. Use Wi-Fi Instead Of 3G If Possible

According to Apple, the iPad will have 10 hours of battery life with regular use with Wi-Fi enabled, but it will only have 9 hours with 3G; the iPhone has 6 for 3G and 10 for Wi-Fi. Of course, if you’re using Wi-Fi a lot, you’ll still be draining your battery; the point is that under similar workloads, Wi-Fi is better than 3G for battery life.

You can enable Wi-Fi in Settings -> Wi-Fi and then choose the network you want to connect to.

  1. Reduce or Eliminate Email and Calendar Verification

If you have a bunch of emails, calendar, or contacts accounts set up, and they’re all being checked and downloading emails regularly, you’ll be draining your battery much faster than you need to.

Go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Get new data and change the settings to the least frequent check possible. If you don’t use it often, you can disable Push entirely and then check manually when you need to.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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